Religious Education Philosphy

HKIS is grounded in the Christian faith and is respectful of the spiritual lives of all. The Christian faith is a response to the redemptive grace and love found in Jesus Christ, and recognizes that each student is a precious child of God. Respect and understanding of diverse religious beliefs is vital for harmonious living in our local and global communities.

Long-term Transfer Goals
Students will independently use their learning in RE to:

  1. Live according to positive values, including ethical conduct, compassion, respect and service.
  2. Identify and participate authentically in a spiritual community.
  3. Engage respectfully with others in dialogue about spiritual and religious topics.
  4. Seek to understand and to live in harmony with others of different spiritual or religious perspectives.

Common Agreements
We agree that Religious Education happens best we provide opportunities for students to:

  1. Engage in open conversations about spiritual and religious questions.
  2. Continue for students to examine and articulate their own spiritual identity by exploring the meaning of life and their connections with God.
  3. Develop a mindset of empathy and service and, in tangible ways use their talents and abilities to meet needs in the world.